Here Comes Everyone magazine 

The East and West Issue

Deadline 06/10/2016

Is there truly a cultural dichotomy, or do the divisions just come down to lines etched on a map?
HCE magazine is calling out for international artists and writers to explore topics related to 'East and West' in the form of poetry, short fiction, articles and artwork. We encourage bold and/or striking interpretations upon the theme.

Please read all guidelines (do not submit without reading them) and submit your work via the relevant category links below.


Magazine enquiries to be addressed to Matt@HereComesEveryone.Me

(NB: Silhouette Press (our publisher) is currently open for manuscript submissions! Scroll down to the bottom box to read the SP guidelines for sending full literary texts...)


  • Word maximum: 2,500

  • We also welcome flash fiction (pieces of 1,000 words or under)

  • Style: submissions which are creative and bold, with a strong or unique style will be favoured over those that do not

  • Please include up to 50 words of notation to give clarity and explanation to editors


  • Preferably no more than 30 lines.

  • We welcome both experimental and traditional forms.

  • Please note that there is a theme. We encourage submissions that tackle the respective theme in an innovative way


  • Technical specifications: we require hi-res images at 300 dpi. Any works submitted below this quality cannot be published in HCE. Image size needs to be a minimum of 640x640, up to and including a maximum of A4.

  • Some works we will feature as full page pieces, while we may feel others complement a written piece well. In the latter case, so we might crop or scale your image during the design stage to fit this purpose.

We accept many visual mediums (for example: if you’re a sculptor or installation artist, we are happy for you to submit some high-quality photos of your work…)

NON-FICTION (articles, essays, reviews, interviews etc.)

  • Word maximum: 2,000

  • Please include up to 50 words of notation to give clarity and explanation to editors.

  • We’re looking for ambitious writing, work that provides a different perspective or style and shows courageous creativity.

  • Keep it concise, with clear aims and direction. Extended general articles and essays will be cut at the editors’ discretion.

All submissions should be written with a firm awareness of IPSO ethics guidelines. Opinion, news and discussion pieces will be expected to be able to show, on request, reliable evidence for claims made.

We are currently open for submissions of literary works to Silhouette Press.


novels / novellas - (80-110k words)
graphic novels
poetry (pamphlets - 20-30 poems /collections - up to 50 poems)
bespoke non-fiction (pamphlets/articles/propaganda)


Send us a synopsis providing an overview of what you've written (200-500 words max); the body of work itself - unless a novel, in which case send first three chapters only - and a brief author bio detailing your creative writing experience so far, include websites, publication history.

Please submit work as a word document (.doc, . docx etc.) 

If you have a query, please email:


We will endeavour to respond to you within three months of submission - it may take longer -where possible, we will provide limited feedback.


If we do reject your work, please do not take it as a personal attack upon our good self. Work may be rejected for a number of reasons and if this is the case, we encourage you to keep trying elsewhere.

This project is supported by the Open Access to Creative Writing project, funded by the Big Lottery.