Here Comes Everyone magazine 

The Transition Issue

Deadline 30/4/2016

Here Comes Everyone magazine is looking for submissions of poetry/fiction/articles/artwork.

The Transition issue, the first under new management, in name signifying both this change and the change in style of the magazine as a whole. Like the issues before it, we are looking for interesting and unique interpretations of the theme.

-Is change a good thing?  

-Have you recently moved home, job or country or experienced a drastic change in governance (personally or politically)?

-Have you undergone, or are you undergoing, an external transition?

-Have you undergone, or are you undergoing, an internal transition?

-What do we mean by the above two questions?

-Is there a name for the moment of darkness between two PowerPoint slides?

Please read all guidelines (do not submit without reading them) and submit your work via the links in each category.


Magazine enquiries to be addressed to Matt@HereComesEveryone.Me

(NB: Silhouette Press is currently also open for manuscript submissions!
Scroll down to the bottom box to read the SP guidelines for literary works...)

We are currently open for submissions of literary works to Silhouette Press.


novels / novellas - (80-110k words)
graphic novels
poetry (pamphlets - 20-30 poems /collections - up to 50 poems)
bespoke non-fiction (pamphlets/articles/propaganda)


Send us a synopsis providing an overview of what you've written (200-500 words max); the body of work itself - unless a novel, in which case send first three chapters only - and a brief author bio detailing your creative writing experience so far, include websites, publication history.

Please submit work as a word document (.doc, . docx etc.) 

If you have a query, please email:


We will endeavour to respond to you within three months of submission - it may take longer -where possible, we will provide limited feedback.


If we do reject your work, please do not take it as a personal attack upon our good self. Work may be rejected for a number of reasons and if this is the case, we encourage you to keep trying elsewhere.

This project is supported by the Open Access to Creative Writing project, funded by the Big Lottery.